14. Studientag zum englischen Mittelalter

Vom 8.-10. März 2012 findet an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen der 14. Studientag zum englischen Mittelalter (SEM) statt.

SEM offers a platform for advanced students to present their papers in the
field of English Medieval Studies to a forum of students and scholars.
Topics may include any area concerning the research and teaching of the
language and literature of the Middle Ages in England.
Papers will be presented in a short summary by senior scholars who will
then offer their help and comments and lead the discussion.
SEM offers a unique opportunity for up-and-coming medievalists to take
the first steps on the academic stage in an open and friendly environment,
to test and improve their ideas, and to become part of an inspiring network
of scholars.

Visit our website for more information, deadlines etc.:

To see the Call for Papers please click here.