Mirrors for Princes Reconsidered

Vom 2.-3. November 2012 wird in Berlin eine internationale Konferenz stattfinden zum Thema: „New Approaches to the History of Political Thought: Mirrors for
Princes Reconsidered“.

Ein Auszug aus dem Call for Papers:
„The history of political thought is often conceived as a genealogy of
modern political concepts, debates, and institutions. This quest for
origins is to a large extent defined by that which separates the past
from the present; (…)
This approach, however, neglects a substantial portion of medieval and
early modern political writing, one subset of which is the genre
commonly known as “mirrors for princes” or “advice for
rulers.” Reconsidering this literature could address important
questions in the field of political thought through engagement with
non-western traditions, as well as those European strands of thought
that have not been recognized by modern historians as necessarily
influential in shaping modern European political thought…..“ (zum Programm der Tagung)


Prof. Dr. Regula Forster
Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik
Freie Universität Berlin
Altensteinstr. 34
14195 Berlin
E-Mail: forster@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Prof. Neguin Yavari
Historical Studies
The New School
80 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
E-Mail: yavarin@newschool.edu

Den vollständigen Call for Papers finden Sie hier.