The Paul Gerhard Schmidt Award

The Paul Gerhard Schmidt Award
The award is given in memory of Paul Gerhard Schmidt (1937-2010), a
well liked and eminent scholar of medieval and Renaissance Latin, who
was for more than 25 years editor of Brill’s series Mittellateinische Studien und Texte.

The award is given for a distinguished new book on medieval or
Renaissance Latin as defined in the scope of the series below.
Original scholarly monographs, as well as editions of Latin primary
sources (with analytical interpretations or commentaries) are
eligible; translations, anthologies, and collections of documents are
not. Works may be in English or German (French only in combination
with a Latin edition) and should be between 90,000 and 200,000 words
in length.

Books that employ new methodological or conceptual tools or that
constitute significant reexaminations of important interpretive
problems will be given preference. Literary merit is also an important

Only completed manuscripts which are ready for review, are eligible
for the 2016 award.

Each emailed proposal
( must clearly include in the subject line „Paul Gerhard Schmidt Award
Proposals (in English or German) are due by 5 January 2016 and should contain

1. a short outline of the volume, the existing literature and the
contribution made by the volume to this literature and the advancement
of the field, and its likely readership,
2. a table of contents,
3. a sample chapter or a part of the edition of the Latin text,
4. an indication of the length of the work.
On the basis of proposals received, a short list of titles will be
selected by the editorial board of Mittellateinische Studien und
Texte, and authors of such titles will be invited to submit full
manuscripts for review. The winning book will be announced in the
course of 2016.

The winner of the award will receive prize money of EUR 1,500 and
his/her book will be published by Brill in its series
Mittellateinische Studien und Texte in the course of 2016.

For questions, please contact the Book Prize Administrator, Kate

Mittellateinische Studien undTexte
Managing Editor: Thomas Haye (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

Founded in 1965, Mittellateinische Studien und Texte has grown to be
the main forum for the publication of high-quality studies on the
Latin literature of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (ca. 6th
through 16th centuries). Most senior scholars in the field have
published in this peer-reviewed series, in which 2-3 new titles appear
annually. Monographs in the series cover literary history,
paleography, the history of the language, the history of the
transmission of texts, as well as rhythm and metrics. Volumes include
original scholarly monographs, as well as critical editions of Latin
primary sources (with analytical essays or commentaries).