Representing more than 1,000 members from a wide variety of disciplines, the Mediävistenverband avards a prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field of medieval studies. The prize of 2,000 Euros has been presented at the last two conferences of the Mediävistenverband; conferences that take place every other year.

The award-winning dissertation is selected from within the entire range of medieval studies. In order to be eligible, dissertations should have a specifically interdisciplinary orientation. The examination process must have been completed no more than 24 months before the deadline.

Submissions should be sent to the President of the Mediävistenverband:

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Drews
Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Historisches Seminar
Lehrstuhl für Mittelalterliche Geschichte II
Domplatz 20-22
D-48143 Münster
Tel 0251-8324341
Fax 0251-8324306

Submissions should contain a two-page German or English abstract of the dissertation emphasizing its interdisciplinary character. In addition to that, two assessments provided by advisers or referees are required. These documents will not be returned to the applicants. Candidates may be asked to send in a copy of their dissertation.

The selection process is organized entirely by the Mediävistenverband which does not provide explanations for unsuccessful applications.