Membership benefits

All members receive copies of the journal Das Mittelalter which is published twice a year.

Every two years the Mediävistenverband organizes an academic congress in order to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary discussions. It also organizes an annual summer school for students where topics of current interest provide the basis for interdisciplinary training in core areas of Medieval Studies.

The Mediävistenverband offers a platform to members and corporate bodies for discussing matters of higher education policy. Furthermore, members can be asked to offer assistance in questions concerning their individual fields of expertise. Please visit our website for the society’s latest updates as well as for information on forthcoming international congresses, professorial chairs held in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and for a list or our members‘ publications and addresses.

International contacts

We are eager to maintain regular contact with foreign institutions and to promote international cooperation. The Mediävistenverband facilitates the coordination of activities among medievalists by providing contacts and exchanges with both national and international centres for Medieval Studies. These discussions of the current status of research and methodology have not only contributed to a better understanding of the latest international and interdisciplinary developments; they have also opened up new perspectives and have formed the basis for new activitites.


Anyone with an interest in research on the Middle Ages is welcome to join us. The annual membership fee includes a subscription to the society’s journal. If you would like to join, please fill in the form provided below.