The Eufemiavisor and Courtly Culture: Time, Texts and Cultural Transfer

The conference will take place on 11–13 October 2012 at the Centre for Medieval Studies, Stockholm University.

The chivalric romances of the Eufemiavisor (‘Songs of Eufemia’, i.e. Herr Ivan, Hertig Fredrik av Normandie and Flores och Blanzeflor) mark the beginning of Swedish literary history and represent a powerful manifestation of European courtly culture in Scandinavia.

This conference is dedicated to the Eufemiavisor. However, the aim is to focus not only on the texts themselves, but also on their European origin and the context in which these texts were created and transmitted… (further information / program)

Abstracts and Papers are welcomed on subjects related to the texts, the manuscripts, the courtly culture and the historical background. They should be written in English, French or German, which are the conference languages. A publication will follow after peer review. For further information see Call for Papers.

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