The journal Das Mittelalter provides a forum for interdisciplinary Medieval Studies. Each issue covers a different topic from the perspectives of several disciplines. The journal presents recent research, discussions and new books from various medieval disciplines and explorers their importance to Medieval Studies as a whole.

The journal first appeared in 1996.
It is published by Regina Toepfer on behalf of the President of the Mediävistenverband.

ISSN: 0949-0345
Frequency of publication: 2 issues per year

Annual subscription (print and/or online edition) and single issues are available.


Thematic proposals for an issue of the journal can be submitted by academic researchers in Mediaeval Studies from both Germany and abroad. All suggestions will be evaluated by the steering committee of the Mediävistenverband and put before its advisory council. This interdisciplinary body, composed of international scholars, examines all suggestions and finally decides, after an evaluation process involving several stages, about the acceptance of a proposal.

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Questions about content and editorial matters should be sent to:

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Please contact the editors for questions regarding reviews.
The editors are always happy to receive information about new publications, recommendations for reviews and catalogues of new publications. However, please note that we cannot guarantee reviews for unsolicited material, nor can we return such material.
Manuel Hoder


Das Mittelalter is published by De Gruyter, Berlin.

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