Who we are

The Mediävistenverband (Medievalists’ Society) was founded in 1983 with the aim of providing a forum for all disciplines concerned with the Middle Ages. Through its focus on co-operative interdisciplinary work, it hopes to achieve a better understanding of this period and its culture. Today the Mediävistenverband is the largest society of medievalists in Germany with over 1,000 members from different countries representing a broad range of subjects that ranges from archaeology to theology.

Aims and objectives

The society provides an institutional framework which enables interdisciplinary discussion taking into account theoretical approaches as well as the methodology specific to individual subjects.

We attach a high priority to voicing and supporting the interests of young academics: the society provides a forum for all academic concerns of Medieval Studies and issues of higher education policy. Through these efforts, the society aims to support and secure the position of Medieval Studies both in research and university teaching. The Mediävistenverband provides a board of information for scholars, public media and members of the public interested in the Middle Ages.

Doctoral Dissertation Prize

Representing more than 1,000 members from a wide variety of disciplines, the Mediävistenverband awards a prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation in the field of Medieval Studies. Every second year the prize of 2,000 Euros is presented at a ceremony  during the conference of the Mediävistenverband.
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Regular activities

Every two years the Mediävistenverband organizes an academic congress which is intended as a platform to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary discussion.

The 18th Symposium “Schaffen und Nachahmen. Kreative Prozesse im Mittelalter” will take place in Tübingen (17-20 March 2019). You’ll find more information here!

The Mediävistenverband’s first interdisciplinary academic congress was held in 1983 and since then the congresses have dealt with topics such as “Medieval reception of Antiquity”, “Feasts and Feasting”, “Rhythm and Seasons”, “Middle Ages and Modern Times”, “The Arts in the Middle Ages”, “Charlemagne and the Heritage of Cultures”, “Nature in the Middle Ages” or “Abraham’s Legacy – Competition, Conflict, and Coexistence in the Middle Ages”.


All members receive the journal Das Mittelalter which is published twice a year. Read more about the journal here.


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